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Why Moling is a great Pipe Replacement Method

There are plenty of trenchless pipe replacement methods in pipe restoration. Some of them were developed from scratch while others were borrowed from different industries. Moling is one of the trenchless methods mentioned earlier. This article is going to show you the advantages and the basic concept of moling.


Basics of moling

Moling is done by digging a tunnel for the pipes to be extracted and replaced. The contractors don’t just dig through the ground immediately. They actually need to find the best access point for the pipe’s entry. Contractors use specialised mapping techniques to locate the best area for the entry point. The moling equipment is used for digging once they pinpoint the best location. The new pipe is inserted to the tunnel after the pathway is cleared. Final fittings and inspections are done to complete the moling operation.

The perks of the moling method

Fewer expenses

Open-cut excavations were popular in the past and still used today. This method for pipe replacement is the most expensive because of the considerable trenching. If you avail the services for this method then you need to have a lot of money. There are a lot of long processes that must be done. Excavating alone takes plenty of time. Next, the pipes need to be replaced. After replacing the pipes, the dig area must be covered again. It doesn’t stop there, cleaning expenses may not be shouldered by the contractor. Other pipe repair companies will charge for the cleaning. Remember, the longer the project goes, the more expenses accumulate.

Moling doesn’t have an extensive excavating so it can be done faster. Less excavating means less expenses for you. Furthermore, the labour for moling is lesser than other pipe replacement methods. It’s also a technology and equipment-driven method. There isn’t any heavy cleaning since the contractors will just cover the entry point.  

Destruction to landscapes is non-existent

Landscapes can get destroyed or altered during excavation. It takes a lot of time for the land to retain its original shape or form. There are even cases in which the landscape didn’t recover. Moling causes little impact to the landscape and environment. Contractors ensure that the tunnel create doesn’t destroy the shape of the landscape above. The tunnel created can be modified to go deep underground. This will ensure nothing happens to the surface.

Moling can be done quickly

Moling makes use of mapping and technology to finish a pipe replacement quickly. The tunnelling process can be monitored and controlled using a computer. Also, the pathway of the dig machine can be changed to avoid any obstructions. This makes the digging process faster and less of a hassle.

Can be used for most soil conditions

Moling isn’t a ‘picky’ method since it can be used in almost any soil. In fact, moling can still be used under different soil conditions. For example: moling can be used even if the soil is rocky or hard. There are certain adjustments that have to be done for the digging equipment to break hard soil.