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Hidden Implication that your Main Sewer Line is Clogged

sewer is clogged

Clogs can happen on drains that are not well maintained or just plain broke. With all the drains and pipelines in your household that can possibly be clogged, the sewer line is the last thing you want to get obstructed. A blocked sewer line can cause water and various forms of waste to go back up to every drain in your household. This is something that even plumbers consider as an emergency. You may not know, but there are some hidden implications that your main sewer line is clogged. Learn more about these signs below.

Most of your plumbing appliances are clogged

One of the most clear indications that the sewer pipe is obstructed is when most or all of your plumbing devices are clogged. The most affected plumbing fixture is the toilet. After all, a toilet’s pipe way is directly connected to the sewer line and has the largest drain pipeline in the entire household. Suspicious clogs, overflow, and water/sewer backup can be caused by a clogged sewer line. There are cases in which the toilet is still functioning properly even though the sewer pipeline is blocked, but these instances are scarce.

It’s not just the toilet that you should check but the other fixtures as well, just like the bathtub and shower. If these appliances are new or well-maintained but are still clogged then it’s probably caused by sewer line stoppage. One of the most useful yet unpopular methods of verifying sewage clog is by continuously running water on a sink. For this to work, the sink that you will be using most be the nearest one to the toilet. If the water level of the toilet continues to rise or bubbles are forming then it’s most likely that the sewer line is obstructed.

Gurgling sounds coming from the toilet and slow drains

These are the less obvious signs that the main sewer pipe is clogged. The noises and slow-moving drains can be caused by tree roots that have entered into the pipeline. A tree root invasion can be difficult to determine on your own as the noises and drain movement can also be linked to other plumbing problems. To confirm the invasion of tree roots, hire a plumber to do a camera inspection. If there are roots present in the sewer line, it should be removed immediately. Failing to do so can result in a complete blockade that is difficult and very expensive to repair/remove.

These few signs are among the best leads you have in determining a sewer line clog. A more comprehensive inspection is needed to verify the blockade of a pipeline. After confirming a sewer line clogged, you need to do the necessary actions to unclog the line. If you’re familiar with using a sewer drain snake or have plumbing skills then you can definitely clear out the
blockade by yourself. However, for those who have no experience in clearing sewer lines then it’s better to hire a professional plumber do the work.