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4 Tricks to Protect Sewer Pipes from Root Intrusion

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It does not matter how hard you try to keep your pipelines in good condition or how often you do maintenance and keep everything in order. Eventually, sewer pipe damage will catch up since it is inevitable with the pipes growing old and with the fact that it is transporting wastes; chemicals and non-chemical wastes that lead to damage or weakening in the structure of the pipe. One of the most common problems that threaten the health of your plumbing system is the presence of roots around your property, especially those that are particularly aggressive towards sewer pipes and the moisture they hold inside. There are, however, simple steps you can partake in order to prevent or minimize the damage:

  • Hydro Jet Cleaning

A hydro jet is a water-pumping device that produces water from its nozzles at the speed of 4000 to 6000 psi. Through this device, you can be able to clean your sewer lines from growing roots without having to personally stick your hands inside the pipe or to dig out the entire length of the damaged pipeline. However, you have to consider the pros and cons. Though the process is a very efficient option and method, there are a few setbacks you might want to know about and decide if the cost is worth it. For one, this method is quite expensive since you will use tap water in flushing out the contents of the pipe. This method is clearly not one for environmentalists and those who partake in activities that aim to conserve natural resources.

  • Mechanical or Technical Means

A rodding tool is beneficial for those homeowners who prefer a more physical or manual means of removing root obstructions inside the pipelines. A rodding tool is made up of several removable heads that are used to specifically fit the type of needs that the pipelines have in order to effectively remove the blockage and root buildup inside. There are also plumbing snakes for your options if you find the idea of using a rodding tool too much for your sewer lines.

  • Digging

This process is rather outdated and hassle; not to mention very messy. However, there are cases of root intrusions in sewer pipes that are too far on that simple rodding or watering down of the pipes simply cannot take away the entire root crumpling into each other inside the pipe. What most homeowners and plumbers find fit for situations like this is to physically remove the roots surrounding the pipe by digging it up and cutting them off. However, if there is a minimal mistake during the process of excavation, this can cause the pipe to sag and therefore displace and deform the pipe affecting its performance. Also, exposing the sewer pipe can lead to serious health issues for the residents near the area. When this is the case, the best course of action is to reline the sewer pipe.

  • Chemical Usage

There are times when chemical cleaners and solutions might seem effective but in reality, they cause more damage to your sewer system than solve them. They are one of the primary causes of pipe sagging and deterioration since most of these are strong enough to affect the structural resolve of the pipe. If you really do wish to use chemical cleaners, make far in between and make sure to follow the instructions at the back of the bottle to get the full effect while minimizing the damage to your sewer lines.