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4 Factors that Causes Pipe Burst

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Pipe burst issues are deemed to happen out of the blue. Apparently, this isn’t true. There are several reasons that encourage the problem to occur. However, homeowners are probably too busy to detect these causes. With this problem, they’ll be forced to replace the entire system. usually, replacing the system can be costly. On the other hand, this problem will only encourage a series of issues to occur. for instance, water wastage, and flood especially coming from the ceiling. Since we want to avoid it, it’s best to know the common causes for you to easily identify what repair method is best to use.

Tree roots

Regardless of the season, tree roots will reach the pipelines and cause cracks before it enters. Root intrusion can be a serious problem since it will only regrow if cut. Apparently, if the roots succeed in penetrating the pipe system, it can block the passage of water. The worse part about this is it can result from the pipe to burst. On the other hand, there can be a temporary solution to this dilemma. Homeowners can opt for mechanical tools such as a root cutter and a water jetter. In addition, to inspect if there are any issues aside from tree roots, CCTV pipe inspection can also be an alternative.

Collapsed pipes

The pipe may collapse and burst. The common reason this problem occur is because of the unexpected environmental changes. The pipe system’s structural integrity decreases and burst when the weight of the soil, the pressure from the water supply or the poisonous substances change. In addition, other factors that could result the pipe to burst is due to the buildup inside and the effects of corrosion in the pipe system.


There are instances that some of the pipes aren’t properly insulated during the winter season. Because of this, homeowners will have frozen pipes right after the season. Typically, outdoor pipes are commonly affected in this issue. There’s a chance that undrained water will freeze in the pipeline. The pipe then expands causing it to burst. Aside from the pipe system being out of commission, this dilemma could also affect the structural integrity of the building. With this problem, it’s best to check the pipe system if they’re well insulated. In addition, there are several insulators that can be bought in the local store. It can be installed easily so there’s no need for homeowners to seek a professional’s help.

Water pressure

Most of the time, pipe bursts are caused by water pressure. Even if it gives us comfort when the pressure is high, the pressure becomes a problem when there’s an obstruction in the passage. Since the obstruction impedes the passage, the pipe expands until it bursts. As this happen, there will be a severe water wastage. On the other hand, there are certain signs if a household suffers from water pressure issues. However, each homeowner must be keen enough to notice these signs. A common sign if there’s pressure problem is when there are gurgling sounds in the pipe.