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3 Major Benefits of Vitrified Clay Pipe

plumberkillara vitrified clay pipes

The common thing about every homeowner is that they always want to opt for cheaper installation procedure and durable sewer pipe for their household. You might have already experience going from one store to another to compare the price, feature, the composition of various pipes used for sewer systems. On the other hand, one of the commonly used pipes is the vitrified clay pipe. The aforementioned is actually a mixture of shale and clay that undergoes on a vitrification procedures. This pipe is typically utilised due to the following reasons:

Structural Strength

One of the advantages people often get when they opt for vitrified clay pipe is its durability that resists deflecting, flattening, bending and any other structural abnormalities that a regular pipe may experience. Because this pipe is made up of sturdy material and due to its unique property, undue stress couldn’t even alter the shape and figure of the pipe. Its great structural strength lies in the composition of the vitrified clay pipe.  The pipe is founded and built on compressed bedding for large-scale support around the walls which makes it unbendable and structurally durable against harmful environmental and human activities and conditions.

Resistance to Corrosion

One of the characteristics that a pipe should have is the capability to resist corrosive factors. However, if your chosen pipe has low resistance to the aforementioned, expect that you’ll be facing pipe issues any time soon even after the instalment.

Corrosion occurs within the pipe when hydrogen sulphide reacts to the stinky smell of odour. When this to make contact with each other, it creates chemical reactions that professionals consider highly corrosive. Vitrified clay pipe can resist solvents, acids and even industrial waste. Lastly, this kind of pipe will not require any protective covering to keep the pipe in good condition.  

Longevity of Service

When choosing for a pipe for their sewer system, homeowners tend to choose for an economical and cheaper pipe for a replacement rather than purchasing for expensive pipes that not only has high initial cost but also have specific protocol and will require safety precautions during the installation process. On the other hand, what most people forget to consider is the possibility that cheaper and average-quality pipes can also precipitate to serious problems in the plumbing system. Also, these pipes can obtain damages easily and may not last long compared to those expensive and high-quality pipes. When this occur, homeowners may be facing expensive renovations at the same time inconvenience in the downtime due to installation procedure and frustration since the sewer system isn’t fully functional.

Moreover, one of the factors that make a pipe repair or replacement high-priced is the digging procedure of the area that is used to extract the pipe. There are instances that even pipe substitutes don’t even last long. This is because of the substitutes lack structural strength and abrasive factors. On the other hand, opting for vitrified clay pipe is already tested and proven to be highly efficient even after 100 years subsequent to the installation process. Also, another reason why you need to opt for vitrified clay pipe is that it doesn’t have toxic material in it. With that being said, it doesn’t pose harm to your health and also to the environment.