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3 Maintenance Tips for Your Sewer Line

We can’t deny it but one of the plumbing fixtures and mechanisms that are oftentimes forgotten and overlooked by most homeowners is the sewer system. Because of the nasty things it conveys, homeowners wouldn’t have the appetite to deal with its maintenance. Most of us would only give them attention when they encounter troubles and would really try to fix them, I mean, immediately. But as long as you don’t maintain you plumbing facilities, most importantly your sewer system, it would really be impossible for you to get rid of sewer troubles. To avoid them, it would be better to give them little but constant attention by giving them the maintenance procedures they deserve from giving you that valuable home, free from nasty substances and wastes. Here are some of the maintenance tips to help you prevent sewer lines catastrophe:

Tree roots

When you situate sewer-destructive trees in your gardens, lawns and backyards, there is a large possibility that they won’t get enough moisture and nutrients from the ground. This causes them to track down deeper and deeper until they reach your sewer laterals which definitely carry the nutrients they needed to support their growth.

When these roots have reached your sewer lines, they would tend to wreck your lines so they could enter and grab the nutrients it carries. When they grow within the lines, they could accumulate its entire diameter and the space that is intended for water flow. This will cause the clogging of your sewer line and might even lead to sewer backup.

To avert this problem from happening, the primary thing to do is to remove all sewer-destructive trees near your sewer lines and keep them in safe distance. Next, you can use a copper sulphate crystal as this can make the surroundings of your pipe toxic to tree roots, in that way, they won’t be able to enter the pipe. But if you really want to place plants in the area to cover your landscape gaps, you can either plant sewer-safe plants and bushes or create a barrier to keep their roots from the sewer laterals.

Blockage caused by FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease)

The constant draining of oil, grease and fat from your plates and frying pans are dangerous to sewer laterals as well. Grease and fat build up will slowly choke the sewer lines until no space for water passage is left. This will then cause sewer backup and immediate sewer line restoration and repairs. To see the current condition of your sewer lines, a sewer camera could be utilised. Yet the best precautionary act to prevent this dilemma is to either install a grease receptor to capture the fat accompanying the wastewater or to keep from draining those into your sewer lines.

Other objects

The things that are supposed to be within your sewer system are wastewater and human wastes, solid wastes and foreign objects are never part of the list. Objects oftentimes confused to be flushable are the primary things drained in the toilet such as toiletries, napkins, tampons, condoms and facial wipes. They are intended to be kept in your trash bins rather than in your toilet and never treat your toilet as a trash bin.