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3 Commonly Used Objects that Can ‘Unexpectedly’ Block Drains

plumberkillara Unexpected Blockage

A blocked drain is a serious plumbing issue among homeowners in Sydney. Despite its seriousness, blocked drains have been part of the everyday problems of thousands of household owners in Australia, particularly in Sydney, as it impairs how we live, tearing down the walls of comfort in our restrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and garage.

Whilst the problem on blocked drains is a common household dilemma that haunts almost every home, its causes are not always “common” and “expected.” Yes, it is usually caused by a blockage inside the pipe, but what are the things that make up the blockage? It may be weird to note how these things got into the pipes through the toilet, but yes, these are what experts in the plumbing industry have found in many residential waste disposal systems.

By knowing about these things, you may be able to adjust on how you can clearly

  • Wine bottle or caps

This is a piece of advice for those who do not want to be bothered by a faecal matter that can’t be flushed down their toilets: Do not bring a bottle of wine in the restroom. Shattered or not, please, a bottle or a part of it has nothing to do with the toilet, and being drunk must never be used as an excuse.

Some Sydney-based plumbing companies have noted that their plumbers occasionally discover a broken piece of wine bottle or beer glasses causing the blockage in a pipeline. One plumbing firm even noted that the discoveries were at first, “unusual, unexpected, inappropriate and inexplicable.”

This is not only true to toilets but also to the sinks, which is situated closer to where people usually drink at home.

  • Flushable wipes

Isn’t it puzzling that a “flushable” thing is found to be not capable of dissolving and disintegrating in pipes? Do not use them anymore.

“Just because something is flushable doesn’t mean it breaks down,” according to Sydney Water media and communications advisor Peter Hadfield in recent interviews.

The recent surveys, however, show scary results. Information from the Sydney Water shows that one in four people in Sydney, which estimates to 25% of the population, use flushable wipes and flush them down the toilet.

Because these are not proven to be pipe-friendly, wet wipes have increased the risk of pipe blockages and overflowing in local creeks and rivers in Sydney, with at least 75% of all sewer blockages involving the thing.

  • Tree roots and twigs

This is another frequently found blockage discovered by many plumbing professionals underneath Sydney homes since time immemorial.

Tree roots do not necessarily get access through drain holes but through pipe walls underneath your lawn. Clay or ceramic pipes are especially vulnerable to this blocking matter because as the tree grows, so does its roots, which you can never see unless you’re in a fantasy or sci-fi movie.

The only solutions to this problem is either to outroot a tree and plant it somewhere far from your pipework and plant only small trees whose roots do not invade solid objects like pipes or have your pipes relined with epoxy-made liners in a process called pipe relining.

Prevent hassle from disturbing your comfortable home living by keeping these things and other solid objects away from your toilet and pipe system. Share this to others, too. It only takes awareness to begin the step to a pipe blockage-free community.