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When you hear a gurgling or bubbling sound coming from your household sinks and basins, it’s a clear sign that you have a plumbing issue that needs to be addressed. Other tell-tale signs include water in sinks and basins draining slowly, your sewer gully overflowing, putrid smells coming from pipes in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry areas, and your toilet water not receding after you flush the toilet. It’s natural to run for the plunger or a bottle of chemical drain cleaner in the hope that you can avoid the costs associated with calling a plumber to overhaul your sewer system. When these DIY remedies fail, it’s imperative that you call a professional plumber to assess your plumbing.One of the greatest fears when it comes to the discovery of an ineffective sewer system is the thought of having to invest a lot of time and money in replacing pipes, plus having your much loved landscape destroyed in the process. Whilst this may have been a valid concern in the past, these days there is a far less destructive and much more cost-effective pipe repair option available to Australian homeowners. This method is known as ‘pipe relining’ and is fast becoming a favoured pipe rehabilitation option over more traditional methods.

An introduction to pipe relining

This innovative method of pipe repair removes the need for pipe replacement and associated destruction of your property. Put simply, pipe relining involves lining the damaged sewer pipe with a lining made of fibreglass or cloth and steeped in an adherent resin so it can securely adhere to the interior of the host pipe. Pipe relining is suitable for pipes of varying materials and sizes, and is a fast and clean process.

How pipe relining is performed

To further illustrate the pipe relining method, here are the steps that are carried out as part of the process:

  • Initial and partial clean: First of all, the affected pipe is partially cleaned with a high-powered water jetter to prepare it for the video inspection to follow.
  • Interior video inspection: Next, a CCTV sewer camera is inserted into the damaged pipe so that both the plumber and client can view the location and extent of the damage. Clients find this useful as it helps them make a more informed decision as to whether or not pipe relining is suitable for their plumbing repair job.
  • Extensive clean: After the inspection has been performed, a very thorough clean of the affected pipe is done, again with the water jetter, to prepare it for the lining installation.
  • Fitting the liner: Next, a fibreglass or cloth liner steeped in resin is inserted into the host pipe. An air compressor is used to inflate the liner so that it is pressed to the diameter of the host pipe for a precise fit.
  • Drying stage: Once the liner is securely in place, it will be given about 2 or so hours to cure. For larger pipes, the plumber may add steam to quicken the drying time.
  • One last inspection: Finally, another video inspection is undertaken to make sure the relining job has been a success.

The impressive benefits of the pipe relining method

No doubt you are impressed by what you’ve read so far about pipe relining. It has many advantages over more traditional methods of pipe rehabilitation, including the following:

  • It won’t break the bank. Unlike costly methods of pipe replacement that require digging, a large team of plumbers and a lot of equipment, pipe relining is relatively inexpensive, as it does not require any of these.
  • It’s done fast. Methods requiring excavation of your property can take several days to carry out and complete. The great news with pipe relining is that it typically takes just one day – sometimes even less.
  • A much more effective sewer system. Sewer pipes that have been relined have a smoother and steadier flow of water and are very resilient against the strongest of threats – yes, including tree roots.
  • Designed to last and last. Relined pipes are guaranteed to last for up to 50 years for your peace of mind.

To take advantage of this amazing method of pipe repair or to ask any questions relating to it, give us a call today on 0488 886 301.

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