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5 Simple Ways To Fix Your Water Heating System

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Tiring day at work? Stressed with school works? Feeling under the weather today? Nothing a hot shower can’t relieve. But how can you unwind if your water heating system is acting up? Here are 5 simple ways on how to fix your water heating system:

First things first, identify the kind of water heater you are using: gas or electric. Otherwise, you will face a very serious problem if you remedy a gas water heater in the same manner as that of an electric water heater and vice versa.

Make sure that you are wearing protective clothes for safety precautions. Are you all set? Well then, let’s get started!

1. Know where everything is located and how it works.

An easy way to fix your water heater efficiently is to know where everything is- from where your water heater is situated in your house to where the valves and controls are. Equipment manufacturers always put indicators and instructions on how to use their machines, so give those instructions a bit of your attention and start reading them.

2. Let out some air.

Like humans, water heaters tend to get suffocated, too. To let out air, you first have to find where your radiator and convector valves are located. There are usually indicators provided on which way you should turn the valves to open them. You have keep the valves open until the water starts pouring out. Make sure that you have a bucket near you to catch that gushing water out.

3. Turn off the water and power supply.

Everything has its own power button. These buttons provide possible preliminary precautions in case something bad happens. This is to prevent any accidents or emergencies to happen when you are fixing your water heater. These things are unavoidable. After turning off these switches, you have to connect a hose to the water drain.

4. Drain and refill the tank.

Draining the tank is necessary to avoid rusty and corroded water. It is no easy feat since you have to drain the water heater tank on a regular basis to make certain that you have a clean and safe water to use around the house. Flushing out sediments or debris from the tank can make the water heater work more efficiently.

5. Schedule an annual water heater inspection.

To make sure that there will be no more problems arising in your water heater system, an annual inspection is advised. There is no need for you to call an expert and spend that much money. These routines can help you easily: Starting at the top part of your water heater, check for obvious leaks and heavy corrosions. If you are using a gas water heater, you have to check the draft hood and whether it is placed properly. Inspect the gas line and the piping for any corrosion. Then check the thermostat and the area where the gas chamber is situated. If you have detected soot or black residues and smelled gas, shutdown the gas supply and call for a professional. The signs for electric water heaters are rust streaks and residues on the upper and lower panels which are covering the components of the tank.

Given all these tips, you can now enjoy a luxurious warm bath with a glass of red wine to relieve yourself of the stressful and eventful day you have had. Don’t use up all the hot water though, or else you will face another plight – which is your family yelling at you for giving them no choice but to shower using cold water because you used up all the hot water.