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Hot Water in Killara

Monday mornings were very busy for Lisa, she had to get her children off to school and her husband off to work. No matter how hard she tried Monday mornings were always hectic and the family just didn’t seem co-operative. The kids didn’t always want to go back to school because they always had so much fun on the weekend and her husband really hated starting work early and the Monday morning meetings.

She drove the kids to school and kissed them goodbye at the gate. She got back into the car, sighed and smiled as she was on her own again and had a few hours of quiet time where she could get on with her domestic chores without kids driving her mad.

She returned home to see that the first load of washing was done. She put that in the basket and then she put on the second load. She filled the laundry tub with warm water to was a few of her more delicate tops that needed hand washing as the machine would damage the delicate fabric.

While loading up the machine for the second wash she noticed the water that was filling in the laundry tub looked a little brown. That is strange she thought and turned the tap off. She turned that hot tap on by itself and noticed the water was really brown it actually looked a little rusty. She turned the cold water tap on full and the water looked
clean. Must be the hot water tank she thought.

She loaded up the washing machine and put it on a cold wash while she searched the internet for Lower North Shore Plumber servicing Killara. She typed in Plumber Killara and found Your Neighbourhood Plumber Killara. She talked through the problem she was having and the plumber advised her that it sounded like the hot water tank was rusted through and she would probably need a new one.

Upon inspection of the tank, the Killara Plumber noticed the tank was over 10 years old and it needed to be replaced. He organised a delivery from the local supplier whilst he disconnected and drained the old tank.Lisa busied herself around the house whilst the plumber installed the hot water service. Within a few hours he had completed the work and checked if she needed anything else done before he left. She asked him to service 2 sets of taps in the main bathroom while he was there so she wouldn’t need to call him back for a while.

If you notice brown water or have temperature fluctuations with your hot water service call the Killara Plumber on 0488 886 301.

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