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5 Major Household Mistakes That You Probably Don’t Know


Perhaps I will just give you the benefit of the doubt, that there are things that you have been doing that you are not aware of. If you think you are oblivious about it, read the following out loud so that you won’t drown from nasty clogs.

Treating Garbage Disposal as a Trash Compactor

There are specific garbage do not go down the disposal like the following:

  • Oil and Grease – If you think it is already disposed because you already threw it away and is already out of sight, its wrong. Grease and Oil can stiffen that causes an obstruction.
  • Egg Shells – The explanation behind this is that the membrane within the shell can cover around the blades of the disposal that causes a damage to the system.
  • Rice and Pasta – The rice and pasta goes on to expand every time you turn the water on. Like egg shells, it will cause blockage and clog.

Placing Too Much Weight on the Fixtures

Most people put so much stuff on their plumbing fixtures. Putting racks on your shower head is not considered as a wise move. So much weight on it will break the rack, the shower heads as well as the bathtub taps that are used as a footrest.

Flushing Household Items down the Toilet

If items are stuck in the passage of the waste, the only thing to do is to remove the toilet and redeem the household items. If you think that plunging could help solve the dilemma, you are wrong. It will only make it worse by pushing all the items on the waste line that could cause a blockage and clog. Keep in mind that waste and paper toilets are the only things that are flushed in the toilet.

Neglecting to Remove the Disposal Plug

This is a very common household mistake. Installing disposal plug is easy, it does not need any professional skills at all. Yet, the situation is quite different when it is connected to a dishwasher. When it is connected, there is a knock-out plug that should be removed first because it will obstruct the hole where a dishwasher hose is connected to. Aside from that, it will also cause water leaks

Joining Varied Metals without a Proper Connector
If you connect different types of metal like copper and steel, a connector is typically required. If it does not have any connector, “dielectric corrosion” happens. This indicates that varied metals will immediately corrode. This corrosion will accumulate and later on block the pipes. When you do not want this to happen, you should consider using a dielectric union that part the metals with a plastic sleeve and rubber washer.

What are you waiting for? Prepare to sweat while changing the mess!