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5 Frequently Used Hose Bibs

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Like our water heater, pipes and water tanks, our hose bibs comes in various types which are created for specific purposes. When talking about hose bib, what we normally think is the threaded tap that is utilised to connect the supply main and the garden hose.

As mentioned earlier, there various types of bib that caters specific demands of homeowners. Like any other plumbing fixture, each type has certain advantages that deem to be extremely helpful in the environment we are living in.
Old type of hose bib

Commonly, this is the older type of hose bib that is commonly found in old residential. Aside from that, old type bib is suitable in areas which don’t constantly experience winter season that may result the pipe to freeze and burst. On the other hand, if used in cold areas, the lines that are attached to the bib should be drained in order to avert it from bursting. Furthermore, if you remove any fixture that is attached to the bib such as a hose will serve a preventive action against the freezing temperature. With the aforementioned, using this kind of bib requires a lot of work.

 Frost free hose bib

Frost free hose bibs are extremely helpful  most especially during winter. This kind of hose bib has a non-frost component that keeps the tap, bib and pipes safe from freezing and possible bursting. Typically, this kind of bibs is found in your outdoor water supply amenities in both residential and industrial spaces. Furthermore, you have to know that pipelines that have frost free hose bib, they should have their own line and shut-off valve. Lastly, this bib is considered to be one of the pipe bursting preventive action during frost-months.

Loose key hose bib

Loose key is hose bib model that can be detached from the rest of the fixtures. Also, this type of hose bib has a key that is used to remove or attach the hose bib again. Most of the time, this bib is perfect for households which have more than 1 occupant in it. Furthermore, for those homeowners who wants to secure their property against authorised people who wished to use our fixture, loose key hose bib is definitely for you. Lastly, this kind of hose bib is typically utilised in our water heater system and other household appliances that need to be dismantled and detached at some point.

Round plastic hose bib

Similar to knobbed hose bib, round plastic bib is also compatible for your water heater. This bib can be easily dismantled and remove for maintaining, draining and cleaning the unit. All you have to do to dismantle the bib is to simply turn the bib and pull it gently.

 Knobbed hose bib

The advantage of having this kind of bib is that it’s compatible with any type of water heater system. Knobbed hose bib gives you an easy draining in order to clean the water heater unit. On the other hand, the setback for this bib lies on dismantling the bib that needs extra effort.  You will need a wrench for removing knobbed type of hose bib.