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Slimline Drainage System


Although our homes are our havens and at the end of a day’s work we usually feel like literally running to them, at times when there are malfunctions in some parts of the house e.g. the drain, we all want to avoid going back as much as possible. The drainage system is very crucial in a home as it ensures waste water is disposed making the house hygienic. Choosing a drainage system is a hard task for many and especially those with no knowledge about house appliances and how they all work cohesively together. Slimline drainage systems are the best solution for most houses mostly because they are very stylish something everyone today is trying to achieve.


Slimline systems can be used on all parts of the house from courtyards, driveways and balconies to bathrooms and kitchens. They are also made of high quality material i.e. steel which allows it to withstand all kinds of conditions for the longest time. The drains also gives one the options of a stainless steel drainage channel or a 316/304 stainless steel grating and PVC. The spaces formed by the grate also make cleaning and detection of problems very easy.

With technology, people are going for extreme house designs and most appliances and tools to be used in such houses are custom made. Slimline systems are very flexible and allow you to choose the channels lengths, angles and widths that will fit the particular design therefore there is no need for expensive customization.


Another major advantage of a slimline drainage system is it can be setup using one plane of fall in tile floors allowing it to be discreet as tiles can be integrated in the place. Therefore with the system, there is no need to cross cut tiles in a central floor waste and this reduces the duration needed to put tiles and create floor levels. That said; look for professional dealers so as to get the best kits and services.