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How to Fix a Slow Drain

A slow-flowing drain is another constant plumbing issue. No matter where your sink is located(kitchen, bathroom), it can always be prone to slow drains. It can be frustrating to clean the sink since the water has the tendency to become stagnant. If you have this problem then you should check out the tips in this article to make your drain flow fast again.


  1. Home made Solution


Little do homeowners know that there is actually an easy method in fixing a slow drain. One of which is a combination of various cooking and household supplies. The ingredients you need are:


  • ½ Cup of Salt
  • ½ Cup of Baking Soda
  • ½ Cup of Vinegar
  • Boiling Water


The first thing you need to do is pour the salt and then followed by the baking soda. The last component is the vinegar which is poured over the soda and salt. Just leave the mixture between 15  to 20 minutes. After the allocated time, pour the boiling water into the sink and leave it again for three minutes. If you noticed that the sink drain is still slow, repeat the whole process. Eventually, the pipes of the drain will be cleared.


  1. Use Plungers


Plungers aren’t just used for clogs but slow drains as well. With the help of the plunger, you can easily slack the accumulated waste in the pipes. If you want your plunging to be more effective, cover-up the overflow with a cloth or duct tape to devise some sort of ‘vacuum’.


  1. Clean the Overflow


If you have already thoroughly cleaned the sink, and the drain is still slow then perhaps it’s the overflow that’s causing the problem. Every sink has an overflow, its purpose is to let the air flow within in the sink. The air that gets inside the drain will help make the sink drain the water quickly. So when the overflow becomes clogged, the drain will have a tough time clearing out the water on the sink. Clearing the overflow might help in making your sink drain faster.


  1. Clear the Pop-Up


The pop up is a handy feature of sinks since it stop large debris like food wastes and hair to enter the pipes. However, there are tiny chaffs and scraps that can gather into the linings of the pop-up. If the pop-up gets congested with these little particles then it will definitely cause the drain to be slow. To solve this problem, just remove the pop-up from the sink and clean it well. The pop-up can be removed by unbolting the pop-up not under the sink.


  1. Call a Licensed Plumber if The Problems Still Persists


Have you tried all the methods above and the drain is still slow? If that’s the case then you should call a licensed plumber in your area to have the drains checked. It could be that the cause of the slow drain is with the pipes or the intricate plumbing system in your home.