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Drain Pipe Cleaner to Fix Blocked Drains

Clogged drains can lead to flooding, bad odor from dirty water coming up through the drain pipes and damage to your house or compound. A drain pipe cleaner can be in the form of a chemical or a device manufactured for this specific purpose. Drain pipes can get clogged by either soft obstructions or hard ones. The cleaner you use depends on the kind of obstruction. Plungers, chemical cleaners, augers including handheld ones and air burst cleaners are better suited to handle soft obstructions. Sewer jetters and electric cleaners are intended to clean out hard obstructions although they can also be used for soft obstructions. The type of cleaner used would also depend on the number of plumbing fixtures that are blocked.

Chemical cleaners can be in solid form or liquid in nature. They are divided into alkaline and acidic drain cleaners. They both work by dissolving waste that is blocking the drains such as hair, fats and tissue papers. They are readily available in hardware stores and are relatively easy to use. Plungers have circular rubber at the end of a wooden or even plastic handle that use suction to unclog drains. Augers are made in such a way that they clean portions of a clogged drain within about 25 feet of the drain opening. They can be handheld or specifically designed for unclogging toilets. These ones are called closet augers. They have different reaches and therefore are suitable for different plumbing. It is not advisable to use a handheld auger to unclog a toilet as it can leave scratches on the ceramic surfaces. Air burst cleaners make use of accelerated gas to dislodge clogs.
There are people who do not feel comfortable with industrial cleaners especially those that utilize chemicals. Moreover, some of the tools available can be frustrating to use particularly if you are not good with mechanics. In this case you can opt for a homemade drain pipe cleaner. You will need baking soda and a lot of hot water. Baking soda plus hot water loosens up the grime that is clogging your pipes while the vinegar makes it come off. More hot water is needed to rinse out the pipes. Whichever cleaner you choose, you should wear gloves for hygiene purposes.