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Basic Drain Cleaning Tools

plumberkillara drain cleaning tools

In just a span of a few days, a drainage system and its fixtures can experience a myriad of damaging and inconvenient issues. There can be multiple times when the system gets too stressed that it flunks on its duties. To make things worse, these damages often resurface at the most inopportune times. Imagine going through your daily routine and rushing through it for wanting not to be late for work or school when the drain acts up and stops working. Well, you have two options in this matter, either you go on with your day and choose to set the problem aside or you can spend time trying to fix the drain?

One way of making sure that this inconvenience does not get to cause too much damage in your drain pipes, is to make sure that the latter are clear of obstructions and is meticulously cleaned as often as needed. To help homeowners with these chores, here are basic draining tools they will need that will make it a breeze:

  1.    Plumbing Snake

In this list, this item is the cheapest and most low-tech. This is great for shower drains, floor drains and tub drains. Given its size and make, this tool is ideal for small spaces and those pipe and drain pipes that are short-span. This drain cleaning essential tool has the overall length of 30 ½” from one end to the other. The spring end that goes through the drain pipe is installed with a spring steel wire and bends to every direction making it easy for homeowners or plumbers to access hard-to-reach areas of plumbing.

  1.    Drain Rooter

This equipment is another ideal drain cleaning tool. This is fitted with a slender and flexible auger used to unblock the blockage along the pipes. It can be effective in winding the blockage and gradually pulling the blockages out the drain fixtures. Although the first two items in the list have fairly the same function, this equipment is a step higher than the previous one. Aside from being more advanced, the motor is reversible that retracts the cable after it goes down the drain. This makes the entire process easier.

  1.    Hand-Held Drain Snake

The handheld plumbing snake is a slightly better version of the plumbing snake. This tool has the convenience of the heavier-built and more high-end conveniences of a drain rooter while still retaining the ease in carrying the equipment from one place to the other. It is both easy to use and effective at the same time.

  1.    Drill Style Drain Cleaners

The equipment is a step higher than the ordinary plumbing snake. The spiral end of the tool is fitted with a spiral end. While the ordinary plumbing snake needs effort to be used effectively, this tool does all the work for the plumber and the homeowner. So, in a nutshell, it is much more economical to use.

  1.    Chemical Cleaners

These cleaners are perhaps the easiest to use in this list. This requires the tiniest effort on the homeowner’s part. All the homeowner needs to do is to choose the right kind of chemical cleaner that will best treat the issue and at the same time cause the least damage to the system. However, there are chemical cleaners that are far too strong that they can cause damage to the pipes along the way.