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6 Major Tips to Prevent your Drains from Clogging

clogged shower drain

You may feel the need to employ professionals when you are in the worst of circumstances, yet you can take early precautions using these simple tips to prevent from facing the horror of seeing your kitchen drain like a pool of Pacific Ocean spilling on your kitchen floor. Its far better to avoid these situations than fixing it when it happens.


  • Spill some hot water

Spill some hot water through the drain right after using it to flush away  the  unwanted assemblage of chemicals, grease and hard materials. This is the main reason why drains clog. Flushing hot water takes away compounds that has been sticking to the pipe. This costs you nothing so what are you waiting for? Put the kettle and run the hot water!

  • Soften the Water

Hard water is composed of calcium or magnesium that accumulates within the pipes restricting the flow of water. One of the most common ways to deal with hard water is to utilise sodium to hamper the chemicals from forming into your pipes.

  • Do Enzyme Treatments

Conducting enzyme treatments are perfect for making the horror to happen. These are bacterium that eats up unwanted layers of dirt and sticky substance that clogs your drain.

  • Put Drain Screens

This is the usual way to prevent drains from clogging. Drain screens help to cease the penetration of hard materials such as food particles and hair. Though you have to regularly check your drain screen, its much more convenient than facing plumbing disasters in the future.

  • Avoid Grease

Oil such as fat and grease clings on your pipes. It is also possible that the

food particles will stick  into the oil. This could precipitate clog in your drain. It would be best if oil is sealed in a container before throwing it away.

  • Environmental Friendly Drain Cleaners

If you are not welcome to the thought of using strong chemicals because it would cause you some money, you can use home-made remedies  to prevent your drains from clogging. These home products could also remove bad odour coming out from your sink. Home products such as the combination of vinegar and baking soda. Baking soda cleanses making the drain free from dirts while the vinegar sanitises the drain.

With a little prevention, you will be able to keep your drains sanitised and free from debris. Before you take an ample of time unclogging your drain and calling the best people on it, try first these tips for a worry-free day!