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4 Facile Ways to Unblock Your Bathtubs

Plumberkillara Run hot water into the blocked drain

It is certain that almost all homeowner takes a relaxing bath to remove all the stress from work and school. A hot bath is one of the best stress relievers that most of us enjoy. However, it would not be certainly pleasant when your bathtub drain is blocked. Instead of enjoying the rest of your day, you might just get stuck on trying to unblock your bathtub after having a long day at work. This would not just stress you out but also gives you additional headache. So to avoid this in the future, it is important for you to know these four easy ways to remove blockages in your bathtubs so you can enjoy having a pleasant bath when you arrive from work or after having a long day.

Run hot water into the blocked drain

Running hot water is only applicable on partial drain blockages. When you notice that your bathtub drain is draining slowly, you should take immediate preventative actions to avoid it from being completely blocked. Start by running hot water to the drain, pour one to three gallons of boiling water for at least ten minutes to try and remove the blockage.

Use a plunger to aid the unblocking of your bathtub

If your bathtub drain has been completely blocked, then you would need the aid of some tools so you can remove the blockage. And there are actually tools used that have become one of our home essentials. An example of this is your plunger which can be seen in every home and I guess, you have this in your home too. If you don’t, you might probably want to purchase one as your bathtub might get blocked in the future.

However, there are many types of plunger present in the plumbing market nowadays.
Each type has their own unique attributes and indications. In this case, you would have to know what type of plunger is applicable for your bath tub. You can use a cup plunger or the standard plunger that’s commonly used in most occurrences. It usually comes with a wooden handle and a rubber cup attached to one side. You only need to apply some force on the tool to create a vacuum in order for the tool to push the blockage. Make sure that the rubber cup is sealed into the drain to avoid the air from escaping and to assure an efficient unblocking process.

Use an auger to unclog the drain

Sometimes, using a plunger is not enough to remove the blockage in your bathtub drain. And if that’s the case, you would need the aid of another tool such as an auger. This tool is composed of a semi-rigid cable to be shoved into the drain to remove the blockage and restore the flow of the water. You would need to insert the cable into the drain and try to remove the blockage. However, the disadvantage of this tool is, it has a fixed length and would be completely useless when the blockage is far from the opening.

Auger through the overflow pipe

If your auger could not reach the blockage due to its length, you can have the overflow pipe as an option. You can remove the linkage assembly before unscrewing the plate and removing its components. Then you can now insert the auger into the pipe until it reaches the blockage and just reassemble the fixture after doing the process.