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4 Effective Ways to Clear a Blocked Sink


Every home-owner’s kitchen sink is definitely indispensable to their daily routine, but doesn’t appreciate it until a problem occurs. There are a lot of factors why sink drains are clogged, oil is just one of them. Among other factors are flooded floors, electricity outrages and unpleasant smells. Blocked sink drains can be very damaging not only to households, but also to businesses like restaurants, in which running water is absolutely imperative. Oil-blocked sink drain can be cured or avoided without help from professionals.

Prevention from Blockage

Cooking oils such as olive oil and vegetable oil should not be disposed into your garbage bin or sink drain. Fats contained in these oils tend to harden when in contact with cold water, most especially when they were heated through cooking. These hardened fats form rigid deposits in your drain pipe and can lead to clogs. You have to drain the oil produced by stir-fry into certain cup rather than pouring it into the drain every after cooking. Remember that fats will coagulate in hours, discarding the oil in the garbage.

Use of Plunger

Plungers remain very effective although they are now considered as an old-fashioned measure in dealing with clogs just as in oil. A plunger functions very well in making a vacuum seal at the plunger’s head. The plunger can be very effective in removing debris inside the drain pipe, noting fat oils to solidify when cooled. It is beneficial in this plumbing issue as a solution.

Removing Oil with Detergent

It has been tested and proven that diluting the density of oil deposits helps clear from sink drain pipes. You just have to make a mixture of one cup of detergent and hot water then pour it down into the clogged sink. The hot water is expected to soften oil deposits since detergent tend to break them down. Flush out your pipes properly by running through warm water from the faucet of the sink for additional minutes following the application of detergent-hot water solution. Failure to flush your drain pipes with water may only result in re-hardening of oil deposits.

Resorting to Chemical-Based Drain Cleaners

Commercial chemical drain pipe cleaners readily available in hardware stores and supermarkets come with harmful chemicals, which break down dense deposits like those that oils used in cooking. Most of these cleaners usually take effect from 20 to 30 minutes after usage, which is the time when chemicals thoroughly work on deposits. Prevent permanent damage to your drain pipe from these chemical cleaners by flushing out the disruptive or compromised pipe. It is also highly recommended by professionals to wear protective clothing like goggles and gloves when using a chemical-based cleaner so it will not cause eye aggravation and burns.

A blocked sink drain can really be a disaster because it can halt your cooking and stack up dishes. When blocked by cooking oil, it would become one of your most unfortunate moments that can befall your peaceful home living.