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3 Main Causes of Blocked Pipes

plumberkillara Blocked Drains Common Issues

Pipe obstructions are inevitable especially when homeowners treat it like a garbage can. Due to the blockages, wastewater and other materials are forced to flow back. This event can be awfully disturbing as foul smell and other filthy substances will be noticeable. Moreover, the longer it stays the more odour affects our health. Apparently, when this happens we try to repair it immediately. However, it’s important to know what causes it so the right kind of method will be used. Usually, pipe obstructions are caused by the following:

Strange objects

Several hygiene products available in the market are labelled as “flushable”. However, homeowners mustn’t be deceived by this. The truth is, these products shouldn’t be flushed and reach their respective drains as these aren’t soluble. On the other hand, when it reaches the pipe system, these items will be gathered and pipe problems begin to occur. Blockages and backups are two common issues that will likely to happen. If the aforementioned are happening, it is better to take appropriate action to avoid the problem to exacerbate. Here are some products that shouldn’t be flushed down:

  •    Facial tissues
  •    Tampons
  •    Baby diapers
  •    Sanitary napkins
  •    Toiletries and
  •    Wet wipes

There can be solutions to resolve the problem permanently, however, it’s better to avoid flushing down these products than pay for repair service.

Fatty Substances

It may be liquid in form but it’ll cause problems if it accumulates in the pipe system. The effect may not appear immediately as it would take time for FOG substances to build up. If this is constantly done, a pipe blockage could happen anytime soon, as these substances stick to the pipe’s exterior wall and other objects that try to reach the mainline such as food particles will do the same. FOG substances sticking on the pipe wall is easy to solve as homeowners can boil water and flush it down the drain taking out the substances. But is more advisable to prevent it from happening as blockages can stretch up to 10 feet long and could affect the other drains in the household. When this occurs, hot water wouldn’t be enough to fix the problem and will force homeowners to opt for plumbing services that can be costly depending on the extent of the blockage.


These intruders don’t give hints to homeowners when they enter the pipe system and a perfect example for that is tree roots. Considered as one of the most common intruder, tree roots create cracks when trying to enter the system, thus damaging it and decreases the efficiency and lifespan of the pipe system. They reach into the pipes due to the moisture and the nutrients present, sticking into it and crushing the pipes. As they develop further, it will block the passage of water, causing blockages and wastewater backup issues. As a preventive action or to prevent these problems from occurring, it is advisable to keep plants away from where the pipe system is located or why not use bushes instead of trees.